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Seaside and Beaches

One of the emerald coast’s largest beaches

Liscia Ruja

Protected by a big green stain made of lilies and junipers, you cannot directly access it by car. Liscia Ruja is one of the Emerald Coast’s largest beaches and is famous for the sea’s emerald colour and the fine sand. From the agriturismo, it takes you some 30-45 minutes to get there.

Two beaches in one

della Barca Bruciata

A beach with white sand, very large and without any danger of being too crowded. Some areas are a bit wild and rocky, perfect for taking long baths among the reefs. From Lu Branu, it is 15 minutes to get there.

A picturesque half-moon shaped bay

Spiaggia del Grande Pevero

This beach is famous for its beauty is perfect for families thanks to its low water level. From Lu Branu, it will take you 45 minutes to get here.

Cultural sites

The Giants' tombs

Coddi ‘Ecchju, Li Lolghi, Li Mizani

Collective grave tombs that the Nuragic ‘clans’ constructed – a corridor covered by slabs which originally wa covered by a mound of earth. In ancient times the cult-area was defined by slabs in vertical position with one impressive central element.



At the island Caprera which you can reach from the Maddalena Archipelago, you can find the Garibaldi estate: the house, the mill, the tools and relics from the wars, and the hero’s tomb.


This archeologic museum lies in the outskirts of the Maddalena. Here you find the hull and many other exhibits of a roman ship that stranded nearby in the year 100 B.C., such as amphoras, ceramics and other objects.


Exhibition of minerals and other artifacts and objects of Sardinian culture.



The impressive fortress was built near Palau in 1890 and now shows an example of military architecture that offers one of the coast’s most beautiful panoramic views.


The archipelago is interesting because of its landscape as well as its nature. The minor islands can be visited within the context of organized trips that respect the environmental protection regulations. Here you can admire rugged coves and coasts and take a rest on softly coloured beaches.

ROCCIA DELL’ORSO (Bear’s rock)

This rock is a national monument which can be found east of Palau on a granitic rock that dominates the Archipelago of La Maddalena. The wind eroded the rock that is 120 metres high, and gave it the plantigrade shape that ever since Ptolemais was defined in the way it is now.

local activities

La Contea di Rena

Something different: an adventure park on the rocks that offers you a diverse experience – very close to our farm.


Between Palau and Santa Teresa, you find a lot of beaches that are well-exposed to the mistral winds blowing in this area. Here you find a lot of places to rent boards, go out on your own or with an instructor.

Bars etc.

Beach parties: