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We address ourselves not only to tourists but also to the local people, as we promote the principles of hospitality and acknowledgement for the natural environment. Our goal is to promote the meaningfulness o a sustainable way of life and to preserve and value biodiversity. This way, we believe that we can rediscover serenity and well-being for ourselves by getting in touch with nature.



To live in harmony with your natural environment means also to respect the fauna populating the area, with its properties and peculiarities. As we believe that a greater conscience for animal well-being is fundamental we promote free-range husbandry. Our animals are offered vast fields to graze, run and live under the open skies – without artificial intervention or exploitation, respecting the livestock’s natural rhythms.


From 1800 to today, we look back on 200 years of history on which all our current farming activities are based. Not only our work and production principles, but also the basic value of hospitality, service, authentic food, and the interaction with nature.

In the course of time we have been expanding our activities, generations alternated from grandparents to grandchildren, but we always carried on the traditions of the ‘stazzo’ culture and the respect toward the land we live off.


Values like sustainability, respect for animals and the surrounding environment meet perfectly with what used to be the stazzo culture which was renowned for its hospitality. These are the values that our farm is still based on.


The ‘stazzo’ way of life was full of genuineness and simplicity. We promote with passion what we deem really important: The return to a life in accordance with nature, to simple, authentic products made with the help of ancient wisdom.