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Our 200-years history and our family’s roots are enclosed within this museum that we rebuilt accurately.

The stazzo-museum can be seen during guided visits, farm tours and group visits – optionally also in combination with other services.

& Climbing

Within our territories, there are plenty of opportunites to climb granitic mountains that are perfectly fit for this activity.

The rocks are situated in an isolated area, silent and totally immerged in nature. It is the best place to do sports and at the same time discover Gallura’s wild nature.

cooking classes

Grandmother Annitta has been saying it for years: Simplicity is the secret of good food. Today, we still follow her unforgettable recipes!

To really get to know local culture, you can not miss its kitchen: a fundamental aspect. Gnocchi, acciuleddhi and zuppa gallurese – if you love good food and cooking, come and learn with us about our dishes’ recipes.


Yoga is a type of sport which not only harmonizes body and mind, but also the individual and his environment. So, what better place to practice than amidst nature?

At our mountains’ feet, surrounded by granitic rocks and copses we constructed a wooden platform – perfect to do yoga exercises, in silence and in harmony with nature and sould.

and Trails

At our farm, various trails and hikes await you – offering different difficulty levels and therefore appropriate for every experience level.

From easy walks via educational nature or culture trails through to real climbing tracks – a large variety of opportunities await you.

and activities

The Emerald Coast is full of unique activites, events and experiences, many of them close to our farm’s location.